The third game in my Trick or Retreat series.

If you want a little context you can go play the others here: (Doesn't work on Brave, try Firefox)

It is Halloween, and you are at your house handing out candy to trick or treaters, the majority of which are dressed up as ghosts.
During a break you joke to yourself about how their bags get bigger every year. Looking at the clock you realize it's almost 10pm, and you should probably think about getting to bed.
You hear small footsteps on the doorstep right as you're locking the door. You...

The ending is not the end, go back and explore the story a little once you finish a path


  • Use the Mouse to click links and buttons
  • In the Lockpicking minigame: Use ASD or the Arrow Keys to manipulate the lock tools


Download 17 MB
Download 16 MB

Install instructions

Binaries are untested, but worth a try if the browser version has issues

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