Version 0.2.0-postjam

Updated the Post-Jam version

  • Added letter count to the text showing the current word
  • Made the guess command change its color while typing if you don’t have the right amount of letters
  • When you make a guess the terminal will automatically write ’guess ’ for your next command
  • Added text to tell you when you’re guessing two words merged together (like “PACIFICOCEAN” instead of “PACIFIC OCEAN”)
  • Fixed highscore mode being pretty much impossible play. It might as well not be in the jam version.
  • Clear terminal whenever you move to a new set of words

Updated the Jam version

  • Fixed a bug where the highscore mode would hard-lock the game.

Also updated web version


EncryptionHarvester[win64].zip 19 MB
Jan 13, 2023
EncryptionHarvester[linux].zip 20 MB
Jan 13, 2023

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